Tim McAfee

Tim McAfee

Does E really equal mc2?

Of course, it does. But the question for us is this: Is it possible to extrapolate Einstein’s famous formula into a real-life formula so that we can predict the power/influence of one individual to affect the world in a positive way?

If we could correctly identify the variables that must be included in our real-world application of E = mc2, then we would have the wisdom to change our world and our own lives in the process.

What are the variables in this formula? Does this formula have exponential components like Einstein’s? Do we really have the power to change or influence our world?
Timothy Worth McAfee may best be known as a skilled and successful trial attorney from the small Southwest Virginia community of Wise County.

Early in his legal career, McAfee was twice elected as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Wise County and the City of Norton. In this capacity, he was one of the first state prosecutors in Virginia to be designated as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. This designation allowed him to be involved in major drug prosecutions in the region as a federal prosecutor.

In 2009, McAfee took a four-month hiatus from his law practice to attend the region's police academy. Since his graduation from the police academy, and with his certifications, McAfee has worked as a part-time law enforcement officer in Wise County. Various local and state agencies have solicited and benefited from his years of experience in the criminal justice field.

However, McAfee's true character is better reflected by the life he leads outside the courtroom. He balances the more serious side of his life with a passion for travel and whitewater kayaking, embracing the thrill of the cascading whitewater while soaking up the wisdom and peace that comes from embracing all people around the world.

His initiation into whitewater kayaking began in 2001 on the Nolichucky River in Unicoi County, Tenn. His love for the adventure sport led him to destinations around the globe. He has kayaked the teal-colored Futaleufú River in the Patagonia region of Chile; the head waters of the Amazon River basin; the rushing rivers that flow from the steep and craggy Andes Mountains of Ecuador; the frigid rivers that emanate from the Himalayas in Nepal; the enormous flows of the Nile River in Uganda (while dodging the ever-present crocodiles); the scenic rivers that dot the mountains of Corsica; and the freezing but crystal clear waters that fall steeply off the Alps in northwest Italy.

He credits his passions and his drive in part to his heritage as a member of a proud Scottish clan, the Clan Macfie. His family history began long before records were kept. Even the most cursory search of Clan Macfie reveals generations of fiercely independent warriors. Bravery and determination highlight their resolution to live life at capacity. Despite the passage of many centuries, McAfee is proof that the clan’s strength and traditions continue to be passed on.