Subhashini Vashisth

Subhashini Vashisth


“Bless your Heart!”

Imagine you must spend a year living in another country. Chances are you will be surrounded by different traditions, rituals and routines — perhaps by a different language, different ways of living and social norms very different from your own. Most would agree this would be life-changing!

Through Dr. Subhashini Vashisth’s story of her journey from Indian culture to Canadian culture to Appalachian culture, she will explore how our experiences can impact who we are. We all have experiences that significantly influence our lives, but what are the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences? Is it the experience itself that shapes us or the meaning we choose to assign to the experience?

Dr. SUBHASHINI VASHISTH is a chemical engineer at Eastman and proud mother of two daughters who inspire her every day. She has received numerous awards for teaching excellence and has authored more than 40 professional publications with more than 1,200 citations. As a dedicated advocate for women in engineering, Vashisth has presented at numerous international conferences and symposiums and, this year, organized the first-ever workshop to address the issue at the International Symposium of Chemical Reaction Engineering Conference.

In addition to her pursuits in engineering, Vashisth has a passion for community service and strongly believes everyone has a role to play in the community. She is heavily involved in volunteer opportunities, both at work and outside of work, that make her community a better place, like the United Way Week of Caring and the Busking Around the World event at Kingsport’s Fun Fest.

Originally from India, Vashisth enjoys telling stories about her culture and sharing Indian cuisine with friends. This year, she led the Diversity@Work multicultural event at Eastman’s Global Innovation Summit to celebrate what she believes is Eastman’s most valued asset — its people.