Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall | Chair/Associate Professor Department of Media and Communication, East Tennessee State University

Disrupt or be Disrupted: Preparing Your Team for the Experience Age

1. What defines the experience age - media and social engagement
2. What is disruption - an innovative approach to a challenge or opportunity
3. How do you coach disruption - interdisciplinary collaboration and individual skill building
4. Examples and ways leadership can foster "experience age" employees

Stephen Marshall, Ph.D. (University of Florida) is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Media and Communication at East Tennessee State University as well as a brand strategist for Creative Energy of Johnson City, Tenn. Marshall brings extensive professional and academic experience to every endeavor. Publications and research presentations focus on strategic brand and media strategies, multicultural advertising and educating for the changing media landscape. Marshall is known for his collaborative leadership style and innovation in education. He ideated and initiated the first Digital Marketing Graduate degree in Tennessee. He is responsible for creating Adobe’s first-ever in the country university alliance focused on teaching students Adobe’s Digital Marketing Cloud – the premier enterprise platform for Fortune 500 companies.