Randy Wykoff

Randy Wykoff | Dean, College of Public Health, East Tennessee State University

Leading Change in Health:  Lessons from America’s “Poorest State."

Given the significant health challenges facing our region, Randy Wykoff wil talk about what we have learned about factors that impact health; notably, educational achievement, personal behaviors, access to healthcare and most importantly, poverty.

“We have done some highly innovative work on communicating how poverty impacts health and why economic develop is so essential to improving the overall quality of life in the region,” Wykoff says. “This information requires all of us to rethink what we have traditionally understood to be the factors that impact health. While ‘access to healthcare’ and ‘personal behaviors’ remain important, we need highly innovative approaches to addressing poverty if we want to have any luck in changing the quality of life in our region. It also reinforces that all of us—business leaders, educators, healthcare providers and many more—play a major role in improving health in our region.”

Randy Wykoff is the founding Dean of the College of Public Health and professor of health services management and policy at East Tennessee State University. Wykoff graduated with a Doctorate of medicine from Tulane University in 1981 and worked a pediatrics residency at the University of Virginia. Wykoff currently serves on the Healthier Tennessee, Science Advisory Committee, is the Executive Director of Tennessee Institute of Public Health and is Chair for the Education Committee and a Board Member for the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. His personal interests include mandolin, fly fishing and Kung Fu. Wykoff is married to his wife Janinie and has five children.