Leo Giaudrone

Leo Giaudrone


Your abundant & joyous future is built on you

We’re all on the same path really. And when it comes to our jobs and future, we all want pretty much the same things. We want to do something that will make us feel successful and fulfilled. We want something we can do well and that will make us feel confident in who we are. Really, we are hoping being good at our job will make us happy. So we spend time learning lots of information and finding ways to make our performance better. But these are tools to only to help you DO your job better.

Imagine though if you took those tools and added them to another “tool” that empowers you to BE the best you can be. Imagine the success and happiness you could achieve. Well there is a “tool” that can give you that. It’s totally free and the most powerful one to have. And no meaning in life happens without it.

Let me tell you more.

LEO GIAUDRONE is a powerful example of an alchemist, someone who, at age 13, has learned to harness his challenges and use them as a force for good in the world. Giaudrone has endured more than 35 surgeries, overcoming end-stage renal failure through a lifesaving kidney transplant, liver cancer, a debilitating hypoxic brain injury and a complete surgical reconstruction of his right hip. Giaudrone has overcome more challenges than most people are asked to endure in a lifetime. Yet he faces each day with courage, hope and a big smile.

At 10 years old, Giaudrone founded The Happiness Company with the mission to “change the world one smile at a time.” Through social media, he shares his story and encourages others to break through their own barriers to find joy. As Giaudrone says, his company is “trading in the free exchange of kindness.” Giaudrone gives regular talks to school groups and other organizations where he shares ideas on how to, in simple ways, spread joy and have positive impacts on people’s lives. He also recruits “Happiness Helpers,” people who embody a similar positive mindset and are committed to sharing happiness with others.

The Happiness Company continues to grow and has a goal of 7 million global Happiness Helpers. It is easy to join The Happiness Company. Simply follow on Facebook (The Happiness Company@leomakestheworldhappy) and/or Instagram (leosthehappinessco).

Help Giaudrone change the world, one smile at a time!