Dr. Jos de Wit

Dr. Jos de Wit

Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent: Changing the chemistry of clean

This year, the sale of sanitation and janitorial cleaning products in the United States is predicted to reach more than $5 billion. More than 2 million employees are exposed to these cleaners throughout the work day, yet only 25 percent of chemical sales in this market are considered green.

The cleaning industry wants and needs a product that is safe for human health and the environment without sacrificing cleaning ability. To truly obtain insights and drive transformation, members of Eastman’s research and development team worked side by side with janitors cleaning bathrooms at Bristol Motor Speedway. By being on the front line, concepts like “cleaning ability” became real. And the amount of time spent cleaning tables, sinks, and mirrors makes words like “efficacy” connect to “elbow grease.”

With this deeper understanding, Eastman brought a safe and effective product to the formulators of cleaners—resulting in better health for users and no impact on the environment.
DR. JOS S. de WIT obtained his bachelor of science degree in chemistry at Western Carolina University in 1983 and his doctorate in analytical chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988.

de Wit joined Eastman and worked in manufacturing and research and development in chemicals, fibers, and plastics. He spent 12 years in coatings technical services with emphasis on cellulose esters. He has presented numerous papers at technical conferences and symposiums and is currently a Technology Fellow in the Polymer Research Laboratory.

Over the last few years, de Wit has worked on the development of Eastman Omnia™ high-performance solvent and filtration applications using Eastman’s cellulose-based polymers.