Brant DeBow

Brant DeBow

The Golden Age of Great Products

The Internet has destroyed business models built on distribution as a competitive advantage. Once safe industries like retail, newspapers, or the music industry have either had to embrace radical change or are poised to topple. But the remarkable effect of removing the middleman is that great products can now be made and sold directly to the people who love them.

Think. Again.

Most of us think the Internet revolution is mostly complete. Amazon owns ecommerce, Facebook has our attention and Google indexes it all. But in the equation of business, internet-enabled software has inserted a zero for distribution and that math is just starting to play out.

Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of:

  • How the internet has brought the destruction of distribution as a competitive advantage
  • How this vacuum allows truly great products to emerge
  • Why the rewards belong to those who pursue the extremes and aim to build great products that solve jobs for the consumers
Brant DeBow is cofounder and chief technology officer at BiTE interactive.

DeBow combines an incredible scope of technical knowledge with a keen understanding of business and product development. As a staunch advocate of disruptive innovation and “Jobs to Be Done” theory, DeBow adamantly believes software is becoming the basis of competition in all industries. It’s these beliefs that drive his passion to help companies build software products that do the real jobs customers hire them to do.

A voracious consumer of information, DeBow has all ten fingers on the pulse of the constantly changing technology and business landscape. He uses this knowledge to make unique connections that enable BiTE and its clients to create products for where software will be rather than chasing where it is now.